Bodywork that's more than skin deep

Massage therapy is just one part of a healing regimen. Yoga or daily stretching and breathing exercises are key elements in preventing injury, reducing stress and maintaining overall health. They extend the benefits of massage treatments! A balanced diet, exercise, plenty of water and laughter are also important aspects in a healthy lifestyle.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Headache Solutions

 The most common type of headaches are tension headaches that stem from long hours at the computer, in front of the sewing machine, or any other work where you are found hunching over for hours during the week.  Sometimes these headaches are found in just one spot over your eye, in your jaw, or at the back of your skull.  The good news is that good deep massage work in your neck, shoulder and scalp can solve these painful aches in your head.  There are advanced mysofascial techniques that are very effective with this type of headache tension.  If you have not had a massage in quite sometime, booking an appointment with your therapist could just be the answer.   If you have any questions, please email or call me and I'd love to answer any that you may have.
Warmest regards, Maree, LMT