Bodywork that's more than skin deep

Massage therapy is just one part of a healing regimen. Yoga or daily stretching and breathing exercises are key elements in preventing injury, reducing stress and maintaining overall health. They extend the benefits of massage treatments! A balanced diet, exercise, plenty of water and laughter are also important aspects in a healthy lifestyle.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall into a Traditional Thai Massage

Happy Fall!

I can't believe it's that time again, my favorite time of year! The weather is so beautiful today, it's 65 and the sun is so warm on my skin. So many changes going on right now, the leaves are beginning to turn.

Perhaps you're in need of some physical changes. Maybe a little detox to come down from the busy social summer or perhaps just a good overall stretch from your activities. Thai massage is such a wonderful way to get that head to toe stretch and to move those toxins out of the body. It's a fantastic way to ground into your body and relax into the upcoming Fall months. If you've never had a Thai massage, I would love to introduce you to this amazing healing art form at 50 percent off. Contact me today for more information.

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