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Monday, March 12, 2007

Day Six of My Detox

It's almost springtime and for me that means a detox to clear out all the toxins I accumulated over the year. The detox I like to do is a 30-day makeover program. It's gentle and easy to do because it allows me to continue to eat three square meals a day with up to three snacks each day. Of course my choices of food are limited but the amount is not.

The program includes generous portions of vegetables, fruit, protein and a moderate amount of fat. (I can still have olive oil and coconut oil.) The program excludes foods that most commonly cause food intolerances/allergies like dairy, sugar, wheat, eggs. It also excludes alcohol and caffeine. This also means no artificial flavors or preservatives.

A meal I really enjoyed last week:

Salmon baked in olive oil, lemon and garlic.
Lightly steamed asparagus and green beans tossed in olive oil and garlic.
Quinoa(cooked just like brown rice) with the olive oil, lemon and garlic marinade.

Very healthy and delicious!

I've been drinking lots of dandelion tea every day to help clean out my liver. Yogi tea makes a tea called Detox that I really like. (I've also been drinking tons of lemon water!)

Epsom salt baths have also been a part of my regimen because they help pull out the toxins that are being released. AND they feel really nice.

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